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  • Are gambling debts enforceable?

    Are gambling debts enforceable?

    For many, gambling is a harmless hobby, but for others, the allure of this pastime can lead individuals down a path of financial hardship, resulting in accumulated debts. According to a 2022 study by Citizens Advice, 18% of people who regularly gambled online were in significant gambling debt. That equated to 3.3 million people. This…

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  • What is the difference between an IVA and bankruptcy?

    What is the difference between an IVA and bankruptcy?

    If you find yourself seriously struggling with debt, it could be time to act. Although insolvency is not something that should be considered lightly, in certain circumstances a statutory debt solution can be your best option. Indeed, solutions such as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or bankruptcy can enable you to clear your debts and…

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  • How to improve your credit score after an IVA

    How to improve your credit score after an IVA

    If you’re struggling with significant levels of debt, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is one option to regain control of your finances. However, the lasting impact of an IVA on your future financial health, and in particular your credit score, do need to be seriously considered before entering into the IVA process.  In this guide,…

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  • How to deal with gambling debt

    How to deal with gambling debt

    Gambling is a popular pastime in the UK. According to statistics from the Gambling Commission, nearly half (43%) of the UK population gambles at least once a month. And while the majority of people do enjoy gambling responsibly, for others, this seemingly harmless hobby can easily become a financial strain that leads to significant amounts…

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  • Are payday loans bad?

    Are payday loans bad?

    You never know what might be just around the corner. However, whether your car breaks down or you need to pay a visit to the emergency dentist, one thing is almost always guaranteed – life’s little curveballs are rarely cheap. This is where payday loans come in.  These easy-to-access loans are, on paper at least,…

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  • Perfect Pancakes

    Perfect Pancakes

    Easter is falling relatively early this year, so pancake day is already upon us! Here’s a finance-friendly pancake recipe so you can cook up the classic treat while being gentle on your wallet… This recipe makes 12 yummy pancakes. Ingredients and costs (Approximate costs based on prices at Tesco, correct at time of writing –…

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  • Key Money Dates in February 2024

    Key Money Dates in February 2024

    There are three important dates in February 2024: the 1st, the 6th-22nd, and the 28th. One of these dates has already passed us by, and one is currently in progress, but no need to worry – you can catch up on what you missed here. February 1st – The Monetary Policy was released The Bank…

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  • 2024: The Year of the Dragon

    2024: The Year of the Dragon

    2024 – the Year of the Dragon – is predicted to bring opportunities, changes, and challenges. These can all be positive or negative depending on how you perceive them, and they’re all interlinked. An opportunity you’ve always wanted may come your way, or it might be an unexpected new chance that arises, something you hadn’t…

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  • How long does bankruptcy last in the UK?

    How long does bankruptcy last in the UK?

    When debt reaches an unmanageable level, the first option many people consider is bankruptcy. However, while this legal process can be used to help individuals regain control over their finances in the long run, there are a number of strings attached that must be seriously considered.  In this guide, we explore the legal meaning of…

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  • The IVA process explained

    The IVA process explained

    Dealing with significant debt is not only overwhelming, it can also have a negative impact on your life and health. If this is the case, a professional debt management solution is often your best course of action. While Debt Management Plans (DMPs) and Debt Relief Orders (DROs) may be the best option if you find…

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  • Tips to tackle your debt in 2024

    Tips to tackle your debt in 2024

    If one of your new years resolutions is to pay off your debts, or make noticeable progress towards paying them off, then here are some top tips to help you work towards your goal… Build out your budget First and foremost, it’s helpful to know how much money you’ll have to put towards your debts…

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  • Financial Planning Week – Realistic New Years Financial Goals

    Financial Planning Week – Realistic New Years Financial Goals

    22nd – 28th January is Financial Planning Week – so in combination with the new year, there’s truly no better time to sit down and set out your financial goals for the year ahead! To give you some ideas and inspiration, our expert team of advisors have put together a list of seven realistic financial…

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