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About our Policy

This cookie policy indicates MoneyPlus Groups policies regarding the collection and use of visitor information, and our use of cookies and similar technologies, in relation to our website moneyplus.com, and our email and sms marketing activities.

This cookie policy will inform you about what data collection methods (including cookies) we use, what information is collected by our website, how this information will be used, with whom the information may be shared, and your rights.

By visiting our website you consent to our processing of your information as set out in this cookie policy and to the use of the technologies listed.

Collection and use of visitor information

What data collection methods (including cookies) do we use on our website?

We use a range of data collection methods and technologies on our website, which we use to collect data for the purposes of transactions with you, gathering statistics and analytics on our website traffic and users’ behaviour, evaluating our marketing effectiveness, requesting user feedback, and to improve our website and customer satisfaction. We also enable third party cookies and other technologies through our website, such as those used by advertisers. These technologies place cookies and JavaScripts in your web browser cache, and may use IFRAMES or other technologies to show third party content. All modern web browsers allow cookies and JavaScripts to be disabled through browser security settings, but parts of our website may not work correctly if your security settings are set too high.

Data Controller

MoneyPlus Group Limited

MoneyPlus Legal Limited

MoneyPlus Insolvency Limited

Anel Andrew (Licensed Insolvency Practitioner)

Richardson Mail Limited

MoneyPlus Mortgages Limited

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Which Services Apply

If you receive debt advice or use ancillary services
If you use our legal service

If you enter into an insolvency solution

If you enter into an insolvency solution

If you use our claims management services
If we provide lending/insurance – broker services