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Who are 1st Locate?

1st Locate is a debt collection agency in the UK. They provide services to some of the country’s largest companies in sectors like utilities, telecommunications, Government, and retail. They specialise in debt recovery, debtor tracing, and data enhancement.

Why are 1st Locate contacting me?

1st Locate may be contacting you because they believe you owe money to one of their clients. The original creditor has likely passed your debt to 1st Locate after their own collection efforts failed.

Is contact from 1st Locate serious?

Yes. Ignoring their communications can lead to further action, including the possibility of legal proceedings. It’s important to address their contact promptly to avoid escalation.

Can a Debt Management Plan stop 1st Locate?

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) can help manage your debt by consolidating payments into one manageable monthly amount. It may stop 1st Locate from contacting you directly as payments will be handled through the DMP provider.

I have received a letter from 1st Locate, what does this mean?

Receiving a letter from 1st Locate indicates they are seeking to collect a debt they believe you owe. The letter will typically include details of the debt and instructions on how to resolve it. It’s important to read the letter carefully and respond accordingly.

What rights do I have against 1st Locate?

You have rights under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations and the Credit Services Association (CSA) code of conduct. These rights include the ability to dispute the debt, request proof of the debt, and ensure that 1st Locate treats you fairly and reasonably.

1st Locate are sending debt collectors to my house, what should I do?

Debt collectors do not have the right to enter your home without your permission. If you feel threatened, you should contact the police. It’s important to communicate with 1st Locate and try to resolve the debt issue to avoid further visits.

Will 1st Locate repossess my home?

They cannot repossess your home without a court order. Repossession is a last resort and typically involves legal proceedings where a judge must decide the outcome. Communications with 1st Locate and addressing the debt can help prevent such actions.

What Debt Management Plans can help stop 1st Locate from contacting me further?

DMPs and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) can help manage your debt. These plans can consolidate your debts into a single payment and can stop further contact once they are in place.

What if I can’t afford to pay 1st Locate?

If you’re unable to pay, you can contact MoneyHelper for free advice.

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Company Name – 1st Locate

Town Centre House,

0113 297 7500


Company info:
Intelligent outsourced debt solutions: It’s the sophisticated combination of culture, technology and data that makes First Locate
one of the UK’s leading outsourced suppliers for debt resolution.

Important: Please note that MoneyPlus are not associated with 1st Locate in any way. The information on this page is provided to help consumers contact their creditors. If you’re finding it difficult to make your monthly payments to 1st Locate you may need help managing your debt. 

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